Wild Berry Moon

Wild berry Moon

She squeezed and pulled her round body under the bottom slat as her babies kicked inside her. She moved out the barn door slowly, and even more slowly moved across the moonlit yard to the rim of the hill. Then she stopped still.

The farmer’s dog was sitting on the front porch watching the moon.

Before she could move or even think of where to hide, the dog’s head turned and he saw her standing there, big and pink in the moonlight. For a few second there was no sound but the crickets. Then the dog began to bark so loudly and so fast that her legs began to shake.

The farmer’s voice came from inside the house. "Shut up dog, it’s only the moon." The screen door on the porch opened and the dog trotted in with his head hung down. She began to walk, then run. Fast, faster. So fast she tumbled as she ran. The farmhouse got farther away. The tall dark trees got closer. The pig was free.

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